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You set the goals, and we decide together which methods you feel comfortable with and how your dog learns best. We estblish milestones for each lesson, and work together to have a healthier happier relationship with our canine family members.

Problem Behavior:

Our trainers can evaluate dogs and puppies to determine causes of current problem behaviors, and often screen for potential difficulties.


Mental and Physical exercise, owner/dog bonding, and confidence building are just some benefits from this fun activity, and I can show you how to start training. You and your dog will pick it up fast, and you will find the sky is the limit!

Assistance Dogs:

If you need a dog to help you cope with a disability, you are welcome to apply to our program. We have trained dogs for many different disabilities, and will discuss possibilities for your special situation.

The following is a basic obedience training rate schedule. Travel fees, senior discounts, multiple dogs, extended training, advanced training, special circumstances, and certain problem behaviors are not reflected here.
Rates for protection, agility, conformation, canine assistance, and group training are available upon request.

Initial session $75
Taking up to 2 hours, this is the longest session, and should be attended by as many household members as possible. This session includes an evaluation to discover how you dog will learn best. We discuss your goals, equipment, time requirements, training methods, and any problem behaviors. When we have outlined a program to your satisfaction, the dog receives his first lesson.

Additional sessions  $40
Usually one hour in length, these lessons check your progress, address any problem with the training methods, and set your next milestone. In most cases, we will deal with problem behaviors as well as obedience throughout our program.

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